Our History


Year 2019

TENAX PANEL is a sandwich panel manufacturing plant of TENAX grupa established as a separate entity from December 2018, in a result of restructuring its manufacturing company TENAPORS into two separate companies united by the group, in order to further develop sandwich panel manufacturing and reinforced structures production and insulating and polystyrene business on a different agenda for each, further developing new solutions for our customers in each field.
We are looking forward to this new beginning, taking the fruits of nearly 30 intensive years of activity, opening next decade of technological opportunities for our customers in the field.

Year 2015

New factory in Dobele

The new and modern factory of sandwich panels, which produces new PIR and PUR products.

YEAR 2013

New factory in Valmiera

Year 2007

Starts TENAPORS DECOR manufacturing

Expanded polystyrene products TENAPORS DECOR are designed for the trim of building facades and rooms. TENAPORS DECOR elements are produced in different shapes and sizes, with or without coatings

Year 2007

Starts TENAPORS CERAMIC manufacturing

Presents TENAPORS CERAMIC elements. Facade is the face of the building. Not only do the outer walls perform their mechanical function and create a microclimate in indoor premises – they also have to be visually pleasing. Right choice of decorative elements is of paramount importance in developing aesthetically pleasing facades. Decorative elements TENAPORS DECOR will make every building stylish in its own way!

Year 2007

TENAPORS is manufactur of insulation materials, Sandwich panels and Stay-in-place sistems.

Year 2007

TENACHEM Ltd. is the industrial chemical, glass and construction sealants, and various adhesives manufacturer

Year 2007


In 2007, in order to enhance the company’s operational efficiency, the company’s activity has been restructured in accordance with the company’s business lines and product specifics, as a result, TENAX, Ltd. established two subsidiaries – TENAPORS Ltd. and TENACHEM Ltd. Therefore was established TENAX group.

Year 2004-2006

Sandwich panels an Dobeles panels


Company created and presented to clients two powerful products DOBELES and Sandwich panels, which currently holds a leading position in its market niche not only in the Baltic States but also in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

Year 1991

Tenax Group is founded

TENAX, Ltd. – one of the biggest industrial chemical, construction sealants, sandwich panels and insulation materials producer in the Baltic States, one of the leading glass sealant manufacturers in the world, was established in Dobele, Latvian, year 1991. TENAX Ltd. fundamental principle from the very beginning – to be stable and reliable partner to its employees, customers, suppliers, ensuring the company’s compliance with the highest quality standards in all business areas.